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For the past 20 years, we have arranged the purchase and sale of companies in diverse industries. We have also arranged equity financing by way of merger transactions, lines of credit, asset-based loans and commercial mortgage financing.

Mr. Kramer was formerly an investment banker with Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette and Merrill Lynch. In prior years he was a Certified Public Accountant in the consulting division of Ernst & Young. Mr. Armstead was formerly a loan officer with Deutsche Bank.

We maintain banking contacts and relations with major corporations and private investment groups.

We do not advertise or publicly solicit.  Our arrangements are made solely by personal contact on a success oriented basis. Fees are contingent upon the closing of the transaction.

Partial Client List

We have worked on behalf of the following companies during the past 20 years:

Hospital Corporation of America
Mico Bio-Medics
Totalmed, Inc.
Scull and Company
Humana, Inc.

General Vision Services

StaffBuilders, Inc.
La Habra Community Hospital

Automatic Tool & Connector Co.

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